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They say opposites attract.

And when slightly OCD, small detail obsessed Alex Campbell met Eddie Plex, a man with a complete disregard for the authority of straight lines, the laws of attraction spectacularly imploded to create ALEX + PLEX STUDIO. ALEX + PLEX STUDIO are an experimental, multidisciplinary directing duo / studio pushing boundaries through film, moving image, photography, design and creative direction.

Alex grew up around photography studios (assisting on set way before legal age). Eddie studied Classical Studies and Design at the Bauhaus-inspired Milan Polytechnic (while experimenting with video art through the Plex collective). The two met in London as freelance art directors and started making small music videos together, designing creative campaigns and art directing shoots. They quickly realised that although opposite in many regards they were extremely compatible. And thus ALEX + PLEX STUDIO was born.

Their individual interests and skills influence one another and an endlessly creative cycle resulting in dynamic, layered visual feasts. Their work is highly conceptual. From “electro-noir lucid dreams” to “optical vortex of mini-me(s)” to “melting nature at sunrise” every project is the chance for these visionaries to play and experiment.

True to his OCD nature, Alex is a firm minimalist whereas Eddie embraces all things maximalism. This competing visual aesthetic pulls their creative minds closer together, creating something unique and electric in the space between them. 

Throw all their contradictions and compatibilities, opposites and oddities, in a creative blender and you’ve got ALEX + PLEX STUDIO.