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MAP’s founder Oscar Verden approached us at Influence Digital last year with the intention of bringing ‘MAP’ back to life. Being an iconic ‘North London’ underground brand during the peak of the 90s rave era, there was a lot of history attached to it - but he still wanted to develop a new aesthetic: the twist being the union of heritage streetwear and hyper premium materials - so a style that hints back to its past rather than a whole nostalgia-filled carbon copy of the old times.

Oscar gave us full control over the whole creative process : we did everything from art direction to photography, videography, website development - which is equivalent to creative heaven and happens rarely. The process took almost a year with a mixed digital and analog approach - even our brand guidelines were originally written on paper!

We took inspiration from a multitude of different sources, going all the way back to the origins the techno/industrial aesthetic (like brutalism and german ‘baustelle’ signage) and less serious references like DFA Records in the early 00s and even the first season of Skins UK!

Art Direction, Concepting, Design, Photography & Videography: Alex + Plex
Agency: Influence Digital
Creative Technologist: Jerzy Pilch
Stylist: Stacey Townley
Project Manager: Stacey Townley

“It’s 1988 and Britain is on the cusp of its most colossal youth culture revolution since the 60s. In what came to be known as the Second Summer of Love, London embraced a radical influx of cosmopolitan pop culture – the most notable of which were Chicago’s electronic acid house and Ibiza’s die-hard, night long party scene. Throw a generation of disenchanted young Brits and their creative interpretation into the mix, and there you have it – London’s underground rave culture was born.” Stevie Cannell

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Anathema quadrivial: the dark obliques from zodiacal signs, the evolutionary-parental chains, the environmental matrix, the obsession from foiled appetitive urges: thus are we born prehensive to, and slaves of, inheritances.

Austin Osman Spare            The Logomachy of Zos
BCM Fulgur, London
United Kingdom